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109 Architectes

109 Architectes is an international design studio skilled in all aspects of designing and planning.We prioritize new ideas, functionality, and a superior level of client service. The result is distinctive, practical designs that realize the project intention at the highest international standards.

Address 19, Street 38, Sector 1, Baabda
Phone +961 (0)5 922 183 Website
P-mail PO Box 40 222 Beirut, Lebanon Fax +961 (0)5 922 330


A&H Construction&Development

A&H Construction and Development was founded by a family of engineers who have been in the industry since 1988 and who are today, reputed for developing luxury living spaces in the elitist locations of Beirut city. A&H’s solid foundations mixed with state of the art development technology offers its residents tailor made apartments, high attention to detail, one-on-one involvement and the strictest attention to international construction standards.

Address Amin Taqi-Al-Dine Street, Dar-Al-Salam Bldg. 1st Floor, Verdun - Beirut - Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)1 860 862 Tel2 +961 (0)1 784 237
Website Mobile +961 (0)3 618 727
Fax +961 (0)1 784 123



A-CONSULT is a regional provider of architectural design and project delivery services. Our objective is to apply creative thinking and control to the full spectrum of design, from strategic planning to detailed finishing.  We do not impose pre-conceived design solutions or stylistic tendencies. Each building program and specific context raises its own unique problems and requires a unique solution.

Tel1 +961 (0)9 640 883
Tel2 +961 (0)9 640 010 Website
Fax +961 (0)9 640 884


A2M Studio

A2m studio offers the full architectural service from briefing, design, working drawing, documentation, site supervision and project management. Our approach is focused on making projects simpler, smarter, faster and more efficient.

Address Yassine Bldg Zalka Metn, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 880 666
Website Mobile +961 (0)3 110 666
Fax +961 (0)1 880 666



AAA sarl is an architectural and urban design firm known for distinctive spaces and unique architectural works in Lebanon and abroad. Three decades of activity enabled AAA to design and supervise the planning and construction of more than two hundred projects in many fields.

Address Les Jardins de Tabaris, Rue Chehade, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 202 096
Website Fax +961 (0)1 335 067


abcarius + burns

We strive for intelligent design — design which surprises and delights — but doesn’t dictate, and permits its users enough freedom to discover and utilize spaces in their own way. Imagination, integrity and resourcefulness are the strengths that we apply to meet quality standards and budgetary requirements, and to maximize long-term value.

Website Mobile +961 71 613 827


Accent Design Group

Accent DG a.k.a Accent Design Group was established in 2006 by Elie Abs (LAU grad 1997, AA- Architectural Association grad 2000) and Souhail Kayali (AUB grad 1984). From its head office in Beirut, Accent DG offers specialized architectural design and urban planning to the Middle East and Gulf Region. The design team relies on research and experimentation to create solutions for the requirements of each project. This is the architecture firm for unconventional design that rises above a market saturated with commercial and superficial architecture. ADG Interiors is Accent DG’s partner for interior design.  

Address Ground Flr., Nour al Zahraa Bldg., Farid Trad Str., Ramlet El Baida, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 866 675 Website
P-mail PO Box 13 5155 Beirut, Lebanon Fax +961 (0)1 866 674


ADM Design

ADM Design is an architectural office focused on planning, design and execution. The office provides services for a range of projects like private residences, commercial and private buildings, restaurants, landscaping and interior design.

Address 3 rd Floor, Bloc D, St George Sq, Jal el Dib, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)4 722 219 Website
Mobile +961 (0)3 843 330


Afkarcom Design

Afkarcom Designs works closely with the Architect and Engineers to ensure a quality project through the preparation of detailed and comprehensive project budgets and construction schedules. With our experience, we have a thorough understanding of the special needs of our clients for accuracy in planning, budgeting, and scheduling of the construction project.

Address Hassoun building, Tal El-Zaatar street, Dekwaneh, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 684948
Website Mobile +961 (0)1 684949


Agostine & Raphael Group

Drawing on the experience of over 50 years of determination, commitment and drive, Agostine & Raphael Group has ushered a new era of professionalism, with more than 250 highly seasoned architects, engineers, administrative personnel and contractors. Their reputation for design solutions that respond to emerging trends in the corporate, civic, residential and planning sectors is unparalleled.

Address Agostine Center, Dora, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 900 498 Website
Fax +961 (0)1 894 892

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