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Iwan Maktabi

Address Quantum Tower, Charles Malek Avenue, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)1 336 301 Tel2 +961 (0)1 336 305


Koncept Furniture

Address Sin El Fil, Saloumi main road, Facing ALBA, Koncep Furniture Bldg., Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 510 690
Website Fax +961 (0)1 510 691


La Galerie Semaan

La Galerie Semaan is currently the exclusive representative of the following 12 brands: Arflex, Barcelona Design (BD) Bitossi Cermiche, Byblos Casa, Macmamau, Officina Rivadossi Falegnameria, Oluce, Plinio Il Giovane, Serralunga, Warli, Zanotta and Zeus. The showroom of almost 1000 m2 spreading over 3 floors is located at the entrance of Beirut, therefore allowing an easy access to a vast clientele.

Address Ground Floor, Bldg, 657, Str 16, Sector 1, Hazmieh, Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)5 453 827 Tel2 +961 (0)5 453 829
Website Mobile +961 (0)3 253 025
Fax +961 (0)5 457 964


Maisons et Parquets

Whether you are looking for a decorative item or a complete home design, we promise you full dedication from a team that has been trained to answer all your questions and take your ideas to the next level.

Address Sin El Fil, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 498 668
Website Fax +961 (0)1 498 669


Maria Halios Design

From its design showroom in Beirut the MHD team has managed prestigious and successful interior design projects globally designs and executes tailor-made furniture. The quality and standard of the work have ensured that on numerous occasions it has been selected to represent Lebanon in several local and international design exhibitions.

Address 55 Pharaon str, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 442 344 Website


Najarian Group

What began as a small family owned furniture business, Najarian Group has grown into a company with an international presence. With over a million square feet of manufacturing and warehouse spaces in the Middle East and the United States, Najarian group continues to grow its reputation for superior furnishing, custom craftsmanship and customer service.

Address Najarian Bldg, Kartaba Str, Halat, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)9 478 281 Website
P-mail P.O. Box: 103 Jbeil, Lebanon Fax +961 (0)9 478 280



Offering house furniture and decorative products, including living rooms, tables, lamps, coverings and more.

Address Foch Residence Bldg., Chafic Wazzan Avenue, Marfaa, Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 986 987 Website


Nayef Francis

Nayef Francis is a design boutique specialized in interior and furniture design. We create designs that blend functionality and aesthetics.

Tel1 +961 (0)1 444 711 Tel2 +961 (0)1 584 558



Established since 1973, the word of Obegi has ever been expanding. It encompasses a wide variety of tableware, bedding, indoor, and outdoor furniture, lighting accessories, decorative items, and jewelry as well as office furniture.

Address Ashrafieh, 144 Salim Butros Str., Bank Audi Saradar Bldg., Facing Total Station, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 203 316
Website Mobile +961 (0)3 747 201



Procrea is a trading company providing a wide range of design services from small to large projects. Working closely with renowned architects and interior designers, the company offers you the latest trends in design.

Phone +961 (0)1 693 983 Website
Fax +961 (0)1 685 448

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