Throne of Social Destruction (TSD) by Céline Stephan Eid

Category: Installation


Size (L) 270 cm, (l)135 cm, (h) 90 cm Material Rusted Steel Finish

I belong to the generation of technology.

Wireless devices dictate the way I communicate, work and entertain myself.

I do not go to the library, but I have every database across the country at my fingertips.

I am unable to go out for dinner, but you can ‘like’ my lunch on Instagram.

I will not be going to work tomorrow, but I remotely accessed the office server to meet my deadline before midnight.

I was too impatient for the movie to come out at the box office, so I downloaded it, and I streamed my MBA lecture on Human Resource Management online right before that.


In order to reach me, kindly text me, post on my wall, message me on Facebook or send me a Tweet.

To see me, give me a Skype call or FaceTime me.

I will not be sending you a card for Christmas, but I will update my status and tag you in it.

I am also available over videochat should you wish to compare Christmas gifts.

My throne is self-sufficient. It is progressively rendering the function of spaces obsolete, eliminating my need for them to perform my daily acts, and increasingly disconnecting me from people and events.

My throne foreshadows an even more progressed culture of total distraction, complete absence of physical interaction and reckless addiction to instant gratification.

My throne is a Throne of Social Destruction.


Céline earned her Bachelor degree in Architecture from the American University of Beirut in 2008. Her final year project was granted the Dean’s award for Creative Achievement. She took part in various internships in Beirut, Paris and New York City between 2005 and 2008. After achieving her studies, she worked at DW5- Bernard Khoury Architects for five years (2008 until 2013) where she followed the different phases of projects ranging from Architecture, interior installations to furniture. Since then she has been working independently on various architecture and design projects she calls” Mécanismes”. She exhibited an installation piece entitled “Throne of Social Destruction” at the Beirut Art Fair ME.NA.SA.ART last September, and "Vacancy" a furniture piece for House of Today's 2nd Design Expo last December.

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