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The Beirut Design Week- Exploring All Aspects of Local Design


The MENA Design Research Center is organizing the first Beirut Design Week. A Design Week –unlike fairs and exhibitions- is a whole week dedicated to exploring all aspects of local design throughout a major city. As an annual event participating designers showcase their work by opening up their shops and showrooms till later hours in the evening and hosting small events. During Design Week, a series of conferences, exhibitions, talks, workshops and film screenings also take place in various parts of the city simultaneously. 

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Beirut Design Week 2012 is dedicated to promoting all Lebanese designers, who have been playing a vital role in the formation of the city's contemporary design identity and culture. These include fashion designers, product designers, furniture, communication designers, interior designers, architects, design educators, design thinkers, social designers, design researchers, publishers, and galleries.
The Design Week Headquarters is the Ministry of Tourism in Hamra. There you can find the catalogue and ask for any information about events and places. It is also where the main exhibition, DESMEEM, will be held. The ministry is open from the 25th till the 30th from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm everyday.
The theme for this year's Beirut Design Week revolves around three clusters: design and community, design and education, and design and business. The DESMEEM project exhibition focuses on community. The full day conference is dedicated to all aspects of design that fall into education and exchange programs. Business is highlighted through the professional designers, some workshops and some film screenings.
The program and the map include all the highlights of the week, as well as suggested routes to visit different shops and showrooms. Please make sure in the participants section, who will be open during late hours. During the week, keep your schedule free in case you would like to catch a film in the open-air cinema, take on a workshop, or attend the full day conference with our international guests. In case of workshops, please send us an email beforehand, as places are limited. To check out specifics about each event and participants, check the main links on the homepage.
We look forward to seeing you around!
The Beirut Design Week Team


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