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The Chalet


Most probably built in the early 70s, this ‘chalet’ in Faraya, a village 42 Km away from Beirut known for its ski resort was designed by Maurice Hindié. The Lebanese architect is known for having also designed the (in)famous Holiday Inn. Hindié had ambitious dreams for his architecture. For him, just like most of his modernist contemporaries, making buildings went hand-in-hand with creating proper living environments, fostering functioning societies, and ultimately, building the nation.

This article was featured on Mashallah News’ website ( on May the 4th, 2012, written by Richard Pelgrim.
Hindié’s chalet was the first ‘pre-fab’ house built in Lebanon. His original plan was to build these chalets in a series that would follow the descending slope of the mountain. This plan was interrupted by the eruption of the Civil War. Deeply disheartened, he soon fled to Paris, never to return. People who have tried to contact him say that he still refuses to talk about his life and work in Lebanon.

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