3XN - Solidere Competition entry, 2010

Type: Competition Entry
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Architect: 3XN
Client: Solidere
Built up Area: 15,000m2

Stretching in an undulating movement towards the sky, the pleated façade of the Tower reiterates itself every four floors, leaving the impression of a modulated scale, designed to match a human oriented approach to working, living and walking in the city.

The design aims at a close formal connection between the three parts of the tower – the podium with the lobby, cafés, shops and a health club, the tower with its offices and the crown with a green rooftop terrace - thus creating a more unified whole acting to establish the tower as an iconic landmark for the area. Moreover, it creates a desirable outward gesture towards the public realm, communicating the Office Tower as an integrated part of the neighborhood, adding liveliness, spatiality and dynamics to the street life.
The folded building envelope is designed to maximize views addressing the open landscape towards the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains in the background. There is a behavioural perspective as well, with the carefully selected design encouraging interaction and communication between employees and general work divisions. The individual floors benefit from the overall variation, niches and the great lay-out flexibility; the facades are equally playful, subdivided and modulated to match a comfort scale for people.
The dominating vertical and horizontal partitions of the local area are reflected in the façade of the Tower, adding a recognizable rhythm to the building. Yet the façade of the new development has been designed to stand out against the existing and planned urban fabric – the visionary design expressing a dynamic architecture by folding the façade and thus customizing it to the specific climate of the region and the demands of a flexible office facility.

3XN Team Kim Herforth Nielsen, Jan Ammundsen, Stig Vesterager Gothelf, Rasmus Hjortshøj, Peter Feltendal, Jack Renteria, Tobias Trudsø, Zara Hejdeman, Bodil Nordstrøm Engineer Buro Happold

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