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Official launch – Kalimat Magazine


Kalimat Magazine Aims to Deliver a Refreshing and Modern Outlook on Arab Thought and Culture

The “Arab voice” is being dubbed in the voices of non-Arabs speaking on our behalf. Kalimat’s agenda is to demonstrate to its readers that Arab issues should be discussed and dissected, first and foremost, by Arabs. The concept of Kalimat is extremely refreshing, especially for those of us who have had enough of being represented by non-Arabs in society and culture.
The Dossiers area as follows: Current Affairs, Culture, Art and Design and New Media. Kalimat’s writers branch off from the above dossiers and discuss topics that they feel strongly about and provide real angles on how certain issues are viewed.
Considering the media hegemony we are all experiencing, Kalimat is exciting in that it provides a credible and accessible outlet for Arabs to express their thoughts on politics, culture, society, the arts or even indulge in light-hearted discussions about their least favourite Arab pop song!
With the launch of the website and its accompanying newsletter, we released our first Spring issue in an online version at In the future, we plan to circulate a quarterly print edition, which will eventually be offered in English, Arabic and French.
Kalimat is on the constant lookout for Arabs within the region to contribute their ideas and/or time in helping our team realise the vision we have for this magazine. Our team is already an assemblage of individuals from diverse professional and academic backgrounds and we hope to expand and, with power in numbers, put out the best publication we possibly can.
About Kalimat Magazine
Kalimat Magazine is committed to rejuvenating Arabic culture by providing an outlet for political, cultural and social expression within the Arab region and its Diaspora. At the same time, it is a visual communication tool that serves to change Western perception of Arabs. The purpose is to be an open outlet for expression and to increase participation within the cultural/creative scene, therefore, the content is created by Arab people, the writers are Arab, the editor is Arab, the people featured are Arab.
Web: | Twitter: @kalimatkalimat |Facebook: | Monthly newsletter and communiqués | Creative Director + Editor: Danah Abdulla:

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