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Blurred Visions: Architectures of Surveillance from Mies to SANAA


The School of Architecture & Design - LAU, Department of Architecture and Int. Design, invites you to a lecture by Beatriz Colomina:

"Blurred Visions: Architectures of Surveillance from Mies to SANAA”


Wednesday May 4, 2011 @ 4:00 p.m, BB 903 (business Bldg.), beirut campus
The history of the modern window is a history of communication: Le Corbusier’s horizontal window is unthinkable outside of cinema, the Eames House is unthinkable outside of the color slide, and the picture window at midcentury is unthinkable outside of television. In each case, the ambition of modern architecture to dissolve the line between inside and outside is realized by absorbing the latest realities of communication. Today, new forms of advanced surveillance technologies operate in the city, and these models of vision act as new paradigms. The glass box has become something else altogether.

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