The "Mosaic" photography exhibition featuring Ashrafieh

Date: October,29 2010
Location of Shoot: Beirut
Photographer: Various
Author: Nadine Khalil

“Mosaic” was an international photography contest organized by Spreadminds and dedicated to the neighborhood of Ashrafieh, including: Gemmayzeh, Karm el-Zeitoun, Monot, Sodeco, Sioufi, Jeitaoui, Fassouh, Sursock, Mar Mikhael and Sassine.

It was launched on October 29, 2010 and each participant was given a disposable camera of 27 color photos to be taken over a week. The photos were voted for by the online facebook community.

“Similar to how a mosaic consists of many small pieces coming together to create one image, Ashrafieh is itself a mosaic of diverse neighborhoods, lifestyles, people and values. Ashrafieh’s essence transcends its sidewalks and buildings, for its unique voice remains grounded in history but also rebels against it as the district evolves, uniting the past and the present to give a promise of a dynamic future.”

For the contest, photographers were asked to present their own personal vision of Ashrafieh. “Whether it is the rustic houses with colorful window shutters, the bustling streets at dusk, the high-rise buildings with shining reflections or the winding staircases connecting one neighborhood to the other, the photographs should tell a story from a unique perspective.”

In parallel to this competition, Spreadminds organized workshops with international photographers such as Los Angeles-based street photographer Eric Kim. And furthermore, they will also publish a photography book of the best photographs gathered from the competition as well as a historical/cultural brief about the neighborhoods in Ashrafieh.

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