Call for contributions: Artistic projects dealing with the refugee crisis

Call for contributions: Artistic projects dealing with the refugee crisis While an increasing number of people flee their devastated countries and seek shelter in the "dreamland" Europe - full article »


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Fransabank's update on ‘WeDesign’ Fransabank's Headquarters competition

As the deadline for submissions in the WeDesign competition approaches, we would like to address concerns raised by some in the architectural community. Fransabank would like to reiterate that this full article »


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Nicola Santini et le Bois

Nicola Santini est un architecte italien spontané et authentique dans ses pensées. Il a étudié à Florence en Italie mais aussi au Portugal. Il a assisté full article »


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'The House of Houses' by Marylynn Antaki

'The House of Houses' by Marylynn Antaki, Thesis project at AUB, 2015 The project presents a methodology-based and process-oriented approach. It is an ongoing investigation of the Spaces that Remain in full article »


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Throne of Social Destruction (TSD) by Céline Stephan Eid

THRONE OF SOCIAL DESTRUCTION (TSD) by Céline Stephan Eid Size (L) 270 cm, (l)135 cm, (h) 90 cm Material Rusted Steel Finish I belong to the generation of technology. Wireless devices full article »


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Nadim Karam & Atelier Hapsitus

The concept of the website first emerged through the Principal of Atelier Hapsitus, Nadim Karam, and was materialised thereafter by our colleague Alfred Tarazi who completed the draft design. This initial full article »


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The Egg as a War Memorial

Anthony Saroufim, a committed photographer, has just completed his architectural degree at the ESA in Paris. For his final project, merging photography and architecture, he produced interesting images in full article »